About Us

Sage-Code is an independent research community for Computer Science and Information Technology. We study programming languages, software engineering and high performance computing. We create tutorials, compilers, new languages, components and frameworks.


We are inviting, students and fresh graduates who are looking to gain work experience. Our members usually do not have jobs or may be freelancers. If you have a job or you are a professional developer you will probably find nothing of value here. Our content is for beginers.


Sage-Code will try to provide higher quality articles for fast learning. However our content is oppinionated. We may say that one language or methodology is better than another. We create disruptive methods and new concepts sometimes different from industry standard and school teachings.


We host research projects to improve our design and programming skills. Our projects are open source. Each project can have a different owner. So far we have started documentation projects to sustain our free training courses. In the future our members will start new projects that may be for training or business. If you register a project with Sage-Code we advice you to agree and follow these basic rules:


Every project may require different tools but some tools are common. Once you have decided what project to join you can contact the project owner on Reddit to receive instructions for a specific tool. Sooner or later you will need to register for some accounts on different platforms to have access before you can work on projects with other developers. We recommand to register accounts on these websites:

Provider We use it for
Linkedin Store your profile for finding jobs
GitHub Hosting projects and wiki books
Google Making google docs and classrooms
Microsoft Team work using Teams and Notes
Reddit Feedback and general chat
Discord Project specific chat services
Twitter Personal profile and twitts
YouTube Video channel for training


Our training is organized in two classes: Software Engineering and Computer Programming. If you are looking for a profession, we advice you start with Software Engineering. If you are looking for a Freelancer opportunity you can skip to Programming. Later, take also Engineering class to understend better how to make applications.


After you register on Reddit feel free to ask any question, post feedback or make suggestions to improve our content. For each post or comment you will receive reputation points. Reputation is a valuable asset of your Sage-Code profile. Also we appreciate your vote on our posts. If you like a post you can vote up or down to give or take reputation points to other members. It is more likely to get help and invitations to projects if your reputation grows higher.


A second way to grow your reputation is available on GitHub. On this platform you gain reputation by working on projects. In fact you may already have a reputation if you have a GitHub account. This reputation is very important for companies who are looking for developers to hire. You will for sure receive Job interview invitations into your e-mail account if you have activity on Sage-Code and Linkedin profile.

Social Presence

Our community has a presence on popular social media websites: We use GitHub to host our projects but also Linkedin and Twitter for contact, news and communication. Once you are on Twitter you can read news, like or comment and participate to our surveys. If you are on Linkedin, we will appreciate if you connect your profile to us, then we can provide endorsement for your activity on Sage-Code.


We do not record your credentials or information on our servers. You will use your own accounts that you may already have on social websites. Our organization is distributed and open. That means we use many websites. So, your data is protected by different companies and organizations not by us. We advice you to have at least two e-mail addresses on different public websites and one that is provided usually by your internet provider. Use this address as backup for the other two. Never reveal your personal address to anyone so that you can recover your other accounts in case of a hack. Also, use two factor authentification if you have a phone.

Your Role

Our members have virtual roles. This roles are necesary to establish trust and protect our community against trols. After we get to know you we will assign you a role depending on your qualification level and your contribution. We plan to have 4 roles:

First Contact

Visit us on: Reddit, register and join our community. We look forward to hear from you. You can connect with us on a chat room or you can post an article about your learning experience using our tutorials. Maybe you can give us ideas for new projects or help us fix mistakes in our code. We will appreciate your future contributions.

Thank you!