Software Engineering

The purpose of Software Engineering discipline is to teach you how to create high quality software and avoid catastrophic defects. On this discipline you learn about programming methodology, software architecture, software quality, software life cycle and software testing. This course is customized for Sage-Code specific technology and style.


You do not need any previous experience as software developer before taking this class. We assume you understand basic mathematics notation and concepts taught in school to between age of 14 to 25. We use Python for short examples but you do not need Python experience for this class. Though, as a secondary effect of this course is that you will learn some Python codding along the way. This is our ultimate goal, to teach you something that you can use for making actual applications.

Video Lectures

I have posted several videos on YouTube about Software Engineering. You can watch the introductory play-list in about 2 hours, but I suggest you watch only one or two videos every day for 7 days. I will appreciate if you post comments on my videos. After finishing all the videos you can learn more by reading the WikiPage articles, or you can read them in parallel if you have two monitors. Some of these videos are included in wiki tutorial below, but some are not.


Wiki Book

This class is enhanced with a Wiki Book. Reading this book is the key to pass the rating exam with higher score. If you like what you read, make a donation or by me a bear sometimes. You will notice some links are pointing to videos on youTube that are not made by Sage-Code members. That is to add diversity in our class. These videos may have Adds. This is how YouTube works, but if you don’t like it, do not watch YouTube presentations. We are not affiliated to these persons, we just think some videos are cool to watch and maybe learn something from others.

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Prep Exam

Next exam will have frequent questions you may be asked at a technical interview. Correct answers for these questions are found in our class. Do not try to take this exam if you have not read the wiki-pages for this class. The exam is work in progress and free to try. If you fail you can visualize the answers, then try again until you pass. Therefore this is not a certification exam but a training exam.


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Thanks for reading this all. I hope you have learned something new. To contribute to our class with new articles you must be a Sage-Code instructor. If you have a different role you still can provide feeback on Reddit so that everyone can see your oppinion. If you take the exam, please provide feedback so that we can improve the questions. Thanks!